About us

About ID Cyber Solutions

ID Cyber Solutions Ltd was borne through the integration of 25 years in the Brand Protection Arena and 30 years in the fight against Cyber Crime and Cyber Education.
Through education,  ID Cyber Solutions Ltd will provide the necessary knowledge to protect companies exposed to the daily threat arena of data compromises.
The company excels in Cyber Training and Certification, which help you assess the true scale of your threats.
ID Cyber Solutions professional staff have the skills and experience to help protect your business from attack whether the threat comes from competitors, employees, counterfeiters, fraudsters or other sources.
Guaranteeing the highest standards of integrity in the industry, we are best enabled to carry out Cyber Education and Compliance in a constantly changing environment.
ID Cyber Solutions has been appointed as a Cyber Essentials Certification body, as well as being a Trusted Supplier for the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and Police Scotland.

Ian Kerr

Managing Director

Cary Hendricks

Global Operations Director

Keven Anderson

Business Manager