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ID Cyber @ Fat Buzz

ID Cyber @ Fat Buzz ID Cyber‘s Cary Hendricks gets interviewed after demonstrating 4 Hacks in 10 Minutes at a fat Buzz breakfast meeting. This is about the importance of getting Cyber Essentials and to stave of hacking attacks. The next event is in Glasgow 24 June.


Cary has been kept busy representing ID Cyber and Digicure Deloitte, at this years info security Europe Conference in Denmark. Cary Hendricks has just finished presenting his last workshops called “4 Hacks in 10 minutes“. There has been a great response with over 300 people to each of his of his workshops. […]


  DIGITAL SCOTLAND VOUCHER SCHEME £1,500 Cyber Security Voucher available for Scottish businesses This digital Scotland voucher scheme aims to support companies to improve their knowledge, understanding and strategy towards handling cyber security and protecting valuable information for the company.  An award of up to £1,500 is available to businesses in Scotland to […]

The Hackers are ready, Are you?

The Hackers are ready, Are you? These days it feels like every time I look in a newspaper or watch the news on TV, there has been another company becoming a victim of a cyber attack. From small company’s being hit with ransomware to major banks losing customers data, Targeted […]

Applying for Cyber Essentials PLUS

Do you require Cyber Essentials PLUS? The process is straight forward, but it requires a meeting with the client and to define a scope of certification. Once the scope has been defined, the certification body will conduct a Vulnerability Assessment on the systems defined in the scope of work. This […]

Applying for Cyber Essentials

ID Cyber Solutions is now an approved Certification Body to assess to both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. To achieve Cyber Essentials (known as Level 1), you must first download a self assessment questionnaire from here: Once you have completed document go to . Signup and pay for your account […]

Cyber Essentials for MoD suppliers

Are you a supplier to the Ministry of Defence or its Supply Chain? HM Government commissioned a 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey. There are some rather worrying statements some of which can be attributable to the Cyber threat. 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses will have suffered […]

Certified SCADA Security Professional Course launched

ID Cyber is proud to announce the launch of the new PECB Certified SCADA Security Professional course.  This is aimed at Security professionals looking to understand the unique challenges of SCADA the course provides complete guidance on building effective an effective security programme to manage the unique risks to Industrial […]